Faithfully Public

By: Georgia May (United Kingdom) , Håkon Rydland (Norway) , Marie Chabbert (France)

Faithfully Public is an art-essay social media campaign that seeks to literally redraw the role of faith in public life and social cohesion generally. This campaign brings together testimonials and personal essays and beautiful, illustrated interpretations of each person being profiled. Georgia, Håkon and Marie’s joint campaign focuses on the individuals and communities who are supporting national and international healing by bringing communities/people together across divides. In doing this, Faithfully Public aims to celebrate and share the stories of those who are faithfully pioneering new ways of bringing people of different faiths/worldviews/opinions together in creative ways and to create a safe space for interreligious friendships. Even in contexts, where those around them, and perhaps even their own faith community, struggle to support or understand them.