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and Interfaith Networks

Peer-to-Peer Capacity-Building Training Between Young Religious Leaders and Young Media Makers

A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart is a podcast series that focuses on the stories of extremist hatred and intolerance, from the very people who have (...)

Distant Yet So Close (#далекіблизькі)

The Distant Yet So Close campaign seeks to raise awareness of the multicultural and interfaith diversity of Ukraine (...)


We too often bear witness to violence on the basis of religious beliefs and public expressions of faith. And sometimes, asking people to(...)

Over the past decade, the world has witnessed a sharp surge in violent sectarian and religious tensions, affecting virtually every religious group. All over the world, terrorist attacks are committed against believers in the sanctity of their place of worship, a trend that sadly confirms that interreligious violence is not backing down.

Faithfully Public

Faithfully Public is an art-essay social media campaign that seeks to literally redraw the role of faith in public life and social (...)


An important part of the United Nations’ work is on safeguarding places of worship and religious sites – for all faiths. And as an (...)

#LetsTalk (#OnSeParle)

In a 24/7 social media cycle littered with news of conflicts from all over the world and bad-faith actors manipulating historical events(...)


In terms of shaping public opinion, we cannot understate the role of the media in shaping our social realities – for better and for (...)

Mistaken Identities

It is one thing to depoliticize issues such as religion or race at the highest levels – work at this level is undeniably important. But (...)

Music Speaks Louder Than Words

Music is a powerful way to build bridges – between people and societies. Rabbi Hannah’s Music Speaks Louder Than Words campaign shows (...)

My Lebanon (لبناني أنا)

My Lebanon is a community storytelling campaign that seeks to create an alternative narrative about what it means to be Lebanese in the (...)

One for All, All for One (Eine inklusive Gesellschaft werden)

What does it mean to be genuinely inclusive? For a word that is so all-encompassing, the word “inclusion” can attract a lot of different(...)

Shield Your Sprouts

No one likes a bully. And sometimes, as kids, we’re not sure what to do when we encounter it – especially if we have been bullied (...)

Spiritual Abuse Awareness Campaign

Spiritual abuse, or violence, is the misuse of religious edicts and precepts by those in positions of power to control, coerce and (...)

Swipe Left On Hate

'Swipe Left On Hate' is a campaign to empower young women of faith, to lead the conversations on the stereotypes and microaggressions' (...)

According to a 2018 Pew Research Center study, almost a third of the countries in the world are experiencing high levels of hostility motivated by religion. Furthermore, in our age of global communication and exchanges, social media have become central to the spread of violent and extremist ideologies.

The Paradox of Coexistence?

The Paradox of Coexistence? is a bold provocation about what it really means to live in coexistence with others: whether it is living (...)

Tolerance Connects Us

As a working journalist in the UAE and abroad, Farah has had her fair share of experience covering news items that result in hatred (...)


#WeAreGermany is a participatory social media campaign that aims to showcase just how inclusive and diverse German society actually is (...)